Professional Speech Coaching

The Speech Coach

Professional Coaching

The Speech Coach provides professional 1-to-1 coaching in all aspects of speech, voice, communication, public speaking and verbal discourse.

We employ a unique approach and methodology, combining skills in clinical speech therapy, the performing arts and NLP, that enables us to produce effective, efficient, tangible results.

In addition to in-person coaching, all of our 1-to-1 coaching programmes and accredited CPD courses are now available online.  Clients are also able to combine online and in-person coaching sessions into their bespoke coaching programme.

Our bespoke, practical workshops focus on a range of speech, voice and communication skills, including:

  • Presentations & Public Speaking
  • Confidence in Communication
  • Fluency, Eloquence & Articulation
  • Stage Presence & Gravitas
  • Code Switching & Appropriacy
  • Accent, Dialect, Reduction & Refinement
  • Voice & Intonation
  • Video Conference & Digital Discourse
  • Actors Voice & Characterisations
  • Gesture & Body Language
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