The Speech Coach

Speech Coach for Children

At the Speech Coach we teach children: ‘How to Talk’.

How to speak.  How to inform.  How to discuss.  How to engage in discourse.

How to present.  How to represent.  How to be present.

How to tell a story that entertains, encaptures and encapsulates.

How to be fluent, eloquent, articulate and appropriate.

We coach communication.  We curate confidence.  We cultivate character.

Our bespoke workshops and programmes focus on a range skills such as:

  • Confident Public Speaking
  • Fluency & Eloquence
  • Presentations & Recitals
  • Articulation, Elocution & Clarity
  • Stage Presence & Gravitas
  • Code Switching, Etiquette  & Appropriacy
  • Accent, Dialect, Reduction & Refinement
  • Voice & Vocal Projection 
  • Intonation & Prosody 
  • Interview Skills
  • All coaches @ TSC have an advanced DBS
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